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Black(Photo)graphy Presents: The MIND is a Terrible Thing to Waste #ad

One in four of us will experience a mental health issues. Imagine there are billions of people in the world and millions of them are suffering in silence, These sorts of problems should not be faced alone, and Mind is a charity that can give support and give advice.

What comes to mind when you think of the Mind charity? blue.

In the theory of colour, blue can represent calmness and responsibility. When we go into different shades of blue, these can represent different emotions. Light blues are more relaxed and calm, whilst bright blues can be full of energy. Even the word blue can be used for being sad and can be expressed through music (the blues).

Speaking of blue, are you trying to get rid of your blues? well do I have the event for just for you!

De Stress Fest! Created by Ella Stewart, Sophie Milne, Kim Go, Ivelina Katreva and Izabela Drabik. In actuality, I think it is fitting that university students have created an event to help "de stress" the mind as who knows pressure like students! Deadlines, family, social life and other things can sometimes overwhelm us and sometimes we need a good breather!

Be sure to get your tickets before they go:

Not only I am a confirmed artist there are some other cool confirmed artists/guests too (note; these pictures do not belong to me):

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