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Black(Photo)graphy Presents: Zaragoza Through My Eyes

For a week, I got the opportunity to go to Zaragoza (North Eastern Spain) and it was absolutely amazing. The city, the vibe and the people... BEAUTIFUL. The summer school I attended with my university was very eye opening to the culture and the history of the city. I want to say thank you to University of Greenwich for giving the opportunity. Not only that I meet some cool people (some of which have graduated and some who still go to the Greenwich university.)

Honestly, I came back to London, wanting to go back (and I will!).

I wasn't too focused on taking photos as I wanted to experience my first solo trip more through eyes of a native. But I get some lovely shots of my friends and the scenery. Without me waffling on here are some pictures of my friends and beautiful places in Zaragoza I took with Nikki the Nikon.

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