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Black(Photo)graphy Presents: New Faces New Places

Hello guys, welcome back to my photo series. So the theme is new faces and new places. When I started photography I didn't shoot with many people but now I still do not shoot with just anyone. I shoot with specific people when it is for my own portfolio/Instagram.

Reason being, artwork should not only reflect the subject but the artist. When you shoot with other creatives who understand how you work, your work will not only improve but transform completely. As of right now, I can see my own growth and there is much more growth coming. But it comes with time, faith and hard work.

For any creative reading, this do not recreate other people's as it does not reflect you. It just makes you look like a copycat, Instead find what inspires you and put your own twist on it, your own flavour :).

With that being said, here is a photo shoot I did with my friend (who is also a dancer, singer, YouTuber and much more!). Working with her and my other friend Eva was one of the most easiest experiences I have ever had.

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