Blacked O.U.T:London Fashion Week Experience

When I tell, I was beyond excited when I got this opportunity, that would be an understatement. This summer, I had been kissing frogs. Now you may wonder what this, basically it just means coming out of your comfortable zone (I got the term from the book Kissing a Frog by Sharlene Hawkes). Anyway, this blog may be a little longer that usual but I will try and keep it brief so you can look at my photos.

Beforehand I went and did some research on how to shoot and conduct myself when I am glad I did. Also if you are a photographer, do not I REPEAT do not use a flash, one lady did this and the other photographers/videographers were complaining about it. Also it is good to come early, so you have your space in the photographer's pit.

Overall, in my life (well, photography life) I have never done something so challenging. I did not realise how fast pace the show would be and how fast models actually move, but after about 10 minutes I got the gist of the show and began to produce some shots I am proud of. I also learned a lot from the show and realised this is the job for me and there is much more content and opportunities to come. So watch for my work, coming soon.